Meet Us

Dr. Mike Kohn

Dr. Kohn's childhood love of animals led him to become a veterinarian. He received his degree from Kansas State University in 1980 and opened his practice in Madison's historic Willy Street neighborhood one year later. As a solo practitioner he enjoys close relationships with his clients and their animal companions. His goal in practicing medicine is to give every client individually specialized, quality care.

Meet Dr. Kohn's Pup Daisy 
Meet Dr. Kohn's Kitty Avery 


I was born April 1, 2011 outside Waterloo, Wisconsin. Life has been difficult for me. You see, I must put up with Dr. Mike Kohn and his lovely wife Maricel Gonzaga. Everyday, they wake me up at 3:30 AM and force me to take a grueling six block walk. Then Dr. Kohn and Maricel leave me under the front desk at the Petinary. And, I don't go home until 2:00 PM weekdays. Luckily, I am only forced to endure about five hours of clinic
torture on Saturdays.


Well, Daisy is lucky. My life has not been so easy as hers. A former employee of the Petinary dumped me (a five year old sweet gorgeous pussycat) in 2010, forcing me to live there alone with two yacking cockatiels, and a chirping parakeet (not to mention all the cats, dogs, rabbits, etc that come through the front door during the daytime). And, then in 2021, Dr. Kohn and his wife Maricel abducted me. They took me to their home at 1024 Williamson St. Yuck!, I must endure their lifestyle, what with all their houseplants, music (Blues, Jazz, Rock, etc.) and cooking. Can't they let me live a quiet boring life?